How do I help my child's spiritual life?


I have an eight year old that has had several spiritual incidents. One day in mass, she said she heard another angel singing next to her. She said she knew it wasn’t her guardian angel, because her guardian angel was standing on the other side. This is one of several incidents and I was wondering the best way to deal with her spiritual side. I do not want to make too much or too little of this. My son who is now 26 years old had the same type of things happen to him when he was small. I do not feel I handled it right. Can you advise me?


Daer L,

I don’t know that there is anything for you to do other than be a good Christian parent. If God has special plans for your child, your will know in due time. The parents of the children of Fatima and St. Bernadette and many other visionaries actually objected to their children’s accounts. But God used them anyway. Just wait and see.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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