How do I help my daughter, who is being haunted?

My nine-year-old daughter has been seeing what she calls “the bad boy” for several years. He came with us to our new house despite a house blessing from a Catholic priest in the Advent season. Even her non-believing father has seen it. It appears to be the figure of an adolescent boy but is all blacked out. It will circle my child until it is very cold and her teeth chatter. I had seen it for awhile and talked to my then-husband (he left us) but not my child. She confided in me once we moved to the new house that this bad boy had followed her and where she sees it, when and what it looks like is exactly as my experience has been.

Can anyone please help? We use prayer every night – St. Michael’s prayer as well as blessed medals and rosaries to give her a physical reminder of the prayers. I should add that she also sees what she says is an angel. I feel things more than I see them, but I am at my wits end. She is so scared and will only sleep in my bed, holding my hand.

Call your local diocese and ask to speak to a priest knowledgeable in paranormal activity and exorcisms. Then tell him exactly what you’ve said here. The diocese should be able to either help you or refer you to someone who can. God bless.

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