How do I help someone considering an abortion for life-threatening reasons?

How do I help a coworker who was told to abort her pregnancy due to a blood disorder she has? This coworker has a 2-year-old daughter and feels that she cannot risk her life and not be around to raise her daughter. I have suggested that she see a priest or minister, but she does not want to.

Some suggestions:

[list]Recommend that she get a second opinion, particularly from an obstetrician who specializes in treating women carrying high-risk pregnancies. It is possible that another physician may be able to reassure her that, with proper treatment, she can carry her pregnancy to term. Point out that a second opinion, particularly from a specialist in the field, is always recommended to patients before drastic medical/surgical procedures. A couple of possibilities for referrals to pro-life medical practitioners in your area are the Catholic Medical Association and the Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction.[/list]

[list]As gently and non-confrontationally as possible, ask her why she is unwilling to talk to a priest or minister. Is it because she is afraid that she might be persuaded to continue the pregnancy? That may mean that she is not as certain as she thinks she is that abortion is what she really wants. Someone who is uncertain should be even more diligent to research her options rather than closing herself off to suasion against her first inclination.[/list]

[list]Contact your local crisis-pregnancy center for any information and suggestions that they might have.[/list]

[list]Ask St. Gianna Beretta Molla, a recently-canonized physician and mother of three young children who sacrificed her life for her unborn fourth child, for her intercession.[/list]

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