How do I join Opus Dei?

I would like to join Opus Dei. I am currently reading Saint Josemaria’s “The Way” and this is furthering my desire to join. I want more out of Catholicism than just going to church on Sunday, I want my faith to be part of my everyday life. I live in Nova Scotia, and there is no Opus Dei centre. Also, it seems as though most members are quite wealthy. I’m far from financially wealthy, and I am wondering if this would be a hindrance to joining. Thanks to anybody who can help. I’m new to this forum.

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Here is the contact page for Opus Dei in Canada. Ask if there are members or a group meeting in your area.

I participated in the activities of Opus Dei. Best time of my life, spiritually speaking. My Opus Dei Spiritual Director clarified me that joining Opus Dei means becoming a numerary (celibate) or a supernumerary (not celibate but married ), and that joining Opus Dei is a vocation. You have to be/feel called to it. Not joining Opus Dei won’t affect the fact that you can still participate in their activities (weekly spiritual direction, weekly confessions and meditations). Start by contacting Opus Dei in their website for their nearest center (make sure to let them know your sex). Then, after you meet the priest, tell him everything. He will guide you.

A couple of notes.

  1. Opus Dei is a splendid vocation (I am not in Opus Dei but I know the Work and members).

  2. The Way was written as St. Josemaria Esciva noted - for all - not a book written for members of Opus Dei -though they use it of course.

  3. No -the “most members are wealthy” would not be correct. The poorest person can have a vocation to Opus Dei. And Opus Dei is not made up of mostly wealthy persons.

  4. What Saint Josemaria taught is not simply for members of Opus Dei…but for all so they may seek holiness in daily life.

  5. Joining

Note to the website says:

How can I make contact with a centre or with someone in Opus Dei?

You can write to the appropriate address in the Write Us section of this website. You will receive a speedy response.

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