How do I keep my cool with a boss who likes to constantly lecture and nitpick?


It’s hard to deal with it sometimes. He puts me on the spot and goes on and on and he doesn’t speak proper English so it’s hard to understand much of the word salad I get. I value my job but just some tips on how to deal with this. God bless


Would it be accurate to say he’s micromanaging you?


Unless he is giving you directions on what to do specifically, you need to learn to let it go in one ear and out the other.


I would say pray for him and do what you can to meet his expectations so that he will place more trust in you.


He’s the boss so unless it is physical or verbal abuse you gotta do your job to the best of your ability. If not understanding him keeps you from doing that then you probably should explain that to him so you can do the job correctly.


I suggest it may be worth looking into work elsewhere.


The first question I would ask is how bad do you need to stay in your job?

Also, how many employees are in your organization? Are there opportunities elsewhere? Also, what type of job is it and what size city do you live in? Does he single you out or does he mistreat other employees also? (FWIW, I was a very successful manager for many years, with too many hours of management training & awards to mention.)

My gut reaction is that he won’t change unless he is forced to change, so if you’re in a situation where your manager is not going to move on and he has the support of those above him, you need to get your resume ready and start looking for a better position. Stress is a killer.

My wife was in a similar situation for several years. She worked at a private university and her new chairman was a jerk. He said that the former chairman was too easy on her and after a few weeks of being on the job he made her take all her personal things out of her office except for one family picture. He said that the office belonged to the University and not her to her. She had to keep the job because our children went to school tuition free. It was a horrible situation that made my wife come home crying sometimes. Still, she wouldn’t quit because she knew that that’s what he wanted her to do. I figured that because he was married to a diminutive little psychiatrist that ruled the roost, he needed somebody to step on to feed his ego. She worked for him for five miserable years.

A month after our last child graduated from college she quit and has never looked back. Why some people have to be jerks to their hired help is beyond me. It stems from lack of leadership and lack of accountability from the top of an organization.


Word salad! I like that one!


It’s the best I could think of lol

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