How do i know if husband is cheating?


I’ve had this funny feeling things just aren’t right. Well it turned out to be true!!! He says he has NEVER physically cheated on me, but he said he came close to it and he had feelings for this girl!!! Now he says it’s over and done with and I have nothing to worry about, but just hate feeling like this! I found a letter he wrote her about how he know’s she loves her boyfriend and he’s a married man and things happen for reasons. He said that he will always remember the good times they had (they work together) and he also said that when he looks in her eyes he sees a special person!!! Does this sound like he is hurt that this thing didn’t go anywhere? He says he’s not that he just wanted her to know all of these things. UGH! I love him SO much this is really hurting really bad!!! He still wants to have sex with me and he’s still cuddly etc etc. I’m just SO afraid of losing him!!!:gopray: :confused: :frowning: :crying:


Sorry, I know what that’s like. Didn’t work out so well for me.

If it’s in your area, try Marriage Encounter. Never met a couple that didn’t come out of there stronger than ever.

Absent that, find a Catholic Marriage Counsler. Don’t take no for an answer from your husband. It’s never too late.


I am sorry for you. About all I can do is say some prayers.


My advice is an ultimatum on the work scenario one of the 2 has to move on. Family first jobs at a lower rung on the ladder.


Thanks everyone! That’s pretty much the conclusion I came to also!!:blessyou:


Maybe you could ask him to find another job. If he says yes, it means you’re really as important as you should be in his life. I sincerely hope he says yes.

When he goes off to work, does he make himself look all fancy? Here’s an idea for a test – go out and have a nice, romantic dinner with him. Notice how he dresses, how he carries himself. Go somewhere were it’s not so bright, with the lights moderately lit. Choose a place that doesn’t have loud music blasting or that has a lot of loud, chattering customers.

Firstly, see if the way he dresses for your dinner is nicer than how he dresses for work. That could be a good indicator. You should choose a good restaurant to ensure that he knows it’s something special to dress up for. Don’t let him have the impression you’re going to McDonald’s so he could wear shorts and a t-shirt. If he steps up to dress his best, he’s doing it for you.

Second, the restaurant should be dimly-lit and without obtrusive background noise so that you two can really pay attention to each other. The lights would set the mood for you and the quiet would encourage you to talk. Try to feel if he’s really connecting with you.

Plan the night to be really romantic. If there’s love there, you’ll feel it.

This might sound silly, but try learning a bit about body language. Stop by a library or bookstore. You might be able to tell by his body language at the dinner table.

In whichever case, Catholic marriage counselling is still something you should take advantage of.

I’m really sorry for the trouble you’re being put into. Nobody should have to suffer that.


Thanks, I completely agree! I wouldn’t wish the feeling on ANYONE!!! It’s horrible! Can’t eat, can’t sleep my stomach is always turning as though It were housing a highschool football team in there! I just love him SO MUCH!!!:gopray2:


Nobody should have to suffer that.

No, but many do. My heart goes out to Animalluver. I strongly agree hubby needs to find another job so this woman can find some peace of mind and move on. Prayers got you that your marriage will withstand this test and grow stronger.


:gopray2: GODBLESS ALL of you!!! Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns!! I just know it’s going to work out!! With all of these prayers out there how can it not???:blessyou:


I will pray for you and your husband. Your story sounds hauntingly familiar to my own experience 5 years ago. As painful as that experience was, my relationship with God is much, much deeper because of it.

Don’t despair! Remember that Jesus loves you and bought you at a great price. He is always faithful and always at your side. Seek joy in His presence and he won’t let you down.

I agree with the others - seek a Catholic marriage counselor as soon as possible. And as mad as you may get with him - avoid exploding in anger. You have some tough days ahead, you will be in my prayers!


Thank you all of you!!! I’ve been praying day and night!! I’ve never felt so much dispair in my whole entire life!!! (And believe me MANY things have happened in my life that would’ve or could’ve been worse for some people! Mental, physical and sexual abuse for 12yrs. of my life from 2 to 14yrs. of age!!!) I’d rather go through all of that again cause I know I can make it through that stuff, but I’m not so sure about this!!!:gopray2:


My family will pray for yours.


Thank you, Thank you all SO VERY VERY MUCH!!! I’ve never had so much support before!!! Thank you all, I love you all!!!

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