How do I know when I've entered into life?

I’m not obsessed with the same stuff like sex I used to be but I feel so still and dead at times. Surely this can’t be the life Jesus meant we were to enter into.

I mean we cant be happy all the time, were the early Christians happy being persecuted? Of course were in the 21st century, lots of temptations. Pray to the Lord, go to mass, and what has helped me is to be involved in the church. Go to bible study, become a eucharistic minister, or join a catholic group. Lots to do, yet sometimes it can be overwhelming when everything around us is shown to us like a carrot on a stick. Be persistent in prayer and stay away from sin as much as possible. Just like us, go to confession if needed, great to have!


I feel you, man… I think those are the worst moments of life, but don’t worry, remember that life is a sine wave: once you’re on top, full of happiness and chilling, and once you’re at the bottom, “lifeless but somehow alive”. Don’t worry, trust Jesus. He didn’t promised easy life here on Earth – this awaits us in Heaven.

Stay strong! Trust Lord! I’m praying for ya!


Be still and know that He is God. Nothing wrong with stillness, quiet, total uninterest in anything but God.

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Amen this is the answer I’ve been looking for.

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