How do I learn to be tolerant?


In my job I deal with mostly the lower-income. One of our main programs is an open GED class. While I’m thrilled that anyone of any status wants to come in effort to better themselves at the same time I have many clients who are openly gay. As a Catholic I am called to love the sinner and despise the sin. I can hand this as long as these openly gay clients don’t try to force their orentation on me. My problem is one young woman has repeatedly hit on me and aksed me out.

I am repulsed by that lifestyle! I am relieved that there is four inches of bullet proof glass between my desk and the reception area this person is in! I struggle daily with not letting my own aversion to these homosexual people when they come around but I struggle. In my position I am required to be nice and polite to everyone. What am I supposed to do when every smile or greeting is translated by this one particular woman as an open invitation? Help please!


Explain to her that while her life style is her business, it is not for you and you do not appreciate being “hit on”. Explain to her that her continual advances are sexual harassment and are not appreciated. Be polite and firm.

They are in fact sexual harassment. If a guy that you were not interested in “hit on” you, you would probably not put up with it after the first couple refusals. Do not with this woman.

If she continues file a complaint against her.


Firmly tell her you are absolutely not interested. Be kind and treat her with love. Carry yourself as the Blessed Mother would - pray for grace. Pray to the Holy Spirit to change the woman’s heart, and the hearts of all others embracing a disordered life.


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