How do I make a Confession?

I am wanting to become a catholic and I was wondering how to make a confession

You’re really asking two different questions.

If you want to become Catholic you need to check with your local parish. Either the priest or the RCIA director will be happy to talk with you and explain the process.

As part of RCIA you will learn about the sacraments, including the sacrament of Reconciliation. Part of what you will learn is how and when and why to go to confession.

If you are already baptized, you will have the opportunity to go to confession as part of your preparation for being confirmed and receiving your First Eucharist. If you are not already baptized, then you’ll be baptized at the Easter Vigil and, since baptism removes all your sins, your first confession will come later.

I have been batized in the catholic church and Im now enrolled in the RCIA classes.:slight_smile:

Here is a link that may help

Here is another good link

That’s wonderful!

How to go to confession will be covered in your RCIA sessions. They may arrange for a communal Reconciliation service for your first confession. Ask your pastor or RCIA director what to expect.

A communal service to prepare for one’s first confession is good. However, I would strongly advise against going to confession at the service. For your first confession you will need time to discuss any concerns with the priest without worrying about that line behind you.

Note that how you confess [penitential service, the regular weekly line, or at an appointment] and to which priest you confess is strictly your choice. But for your ease I would advise making an appointment with a priest with whom you will feel comfortable and letting him guide you through any difficult parts.

We arrange for individual confessions and that works well. Everyone involved knows it’s the person’s first confession and there’s no time constraint. But I’ve heard people mention a communal service and I can see how that would be nice.

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