How do I pay attention at Mass?

I get distracted in Mass a lot. Yeasterday, I paid attention to the sermon, but I don’t even remember what the Gospel and the readings were. What should I do?

There is a story that has been told about St. Padre Pio that may be helpful for you whenever you find yourself discouraged by distractions:

A young man once went to eucharistic adoration at a monastery in Italy. He had committed himself to an hour but found it hard to keep his mind on his prayers. Over and over again he had to pull himself back from distractions and refocus on his prayers. Finally, the hour was over and he was discouraged by what he considered a poor devotional time. As he got up to leave he heard the sound of clapping from the back of the chapel. He turned around and was stunned to see Padre Pio applauding him from the shadows.

Hurrying over, the young man asked Padre Pio why he was clapping. “Because of your wonderful devotion to our Lord,” the friar replied. “But, Father,” the young man protested, “I kept being distracted.” Padre Pio smiled and said, “But you never gave up.”

Whenever you find yourself distracted at Mass, just keep refocusing your attention, knowing that it is for the Lord that you keep struggling. The resources recommended below can also help you develop your appreciation for the Mass and offer other practical suggestions.

**Recommended reading:

Mass Appeal** by Jimmy Akin
If Your Mind Wanders at Mass by Thomas Howard

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