How do I prepare for my first meeting with a spiritual director?


I’ve finally been able to arrange a meeting with a spiritual director, something I’ve been needing and wanting to do for several years now. The meeting is tomorrow, I just heard from her today. So I’m somewhat anxious now about how to prepare. Please give me your thoughts on what I need to do before meeting with this person for the first time. I have some very specific life issues which have led me to seek direction, but it seems maybe a little bit impertinent to walk in there and dump on a stranger. Then again, why waste time? Why not cut to the chase and just blurt it all out? I will be praying on this tonight.

Please also clue me in on any particular prayers that could be helpful in preparing for spiritual direction, any psalms or other scripture passages?

And finally, what sort of a donation would be considerate?

Thank you, God bless anyone who deigns to help me here! :heart:

P.S. I’ll be planning on having a confession heard immediately following my time with the spiritual director, it’s just a convenient time for me, and works out well with this particular parish’s reconciliation schedule.


Prayer is all you need to prepare for each meeting :slight_smile:


Check out this great blog about spiritual direction. It answers your exact question and has a ton of other great stuff on the subject as well.



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