How do I prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation?


#1 Prayer, Prayer, and more Prayer!

**What else? How do I fit in the examination of conscience with the process?

Any advice will help! It has been a couple of years since my last confession.**


As the basic command is to love God above all
and others
as yourself

We need to look at the ways that we don’t love God, giving His due honour and receiving His gifts in the Sacraments,

(b) but also, how we love God by loving others…treating them as we wish to be treated…in what do we fail other’s best interests, in what do we fail in our relationships personal and societal. How judgemental we are…?

© in what ways do we fail our true selves as children of God destined for eternal life? In what we do we neglect our gifts or our health spiritual, mental, physical…
our sins
our neglects.

In examining one’s conscience I believe we do need to befamiliar with the gospels and with the teachings of the Church.

May God bless you in your Confession and in your responses to the graces of Confession! :slight_smile:




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