How do I protect myself from dark magic?

Not too long before the end of the semester, there were two girls outside my dorm building near the parking lot drawing a pentagram in chalk. This wasn’t just some circle-and-star-and-done pentagram. This was legitimate dark stuff. They made careful sure to add intricate details and make it geometrically perfect. I saw them use tape measures and a glossary of symbols.

It wasn’t against any of the college rules, but it freaked me out not knowing what dark stuff they were doing once they finished it. It disappeared after a couple of days with the rain, but still. Its hard to focus on my studies when I know there are magic users so close to my dorm. I don’t want to have to deal with evil and darkness again.

What can I do to protect myself (and maybe my dorm mates who aren’t Catholic but don’t do magic and are still good people)?

While it is not necessary to actually do anything, if it would make you feel better then you could get blessed salt and holy water from a local priest. Sprinkle them over the area where the young women drew the pentagram. You can also sprinkle blessed salt at the threshold of your dorm room and sprinkle the room (lightly) with holy water. (You may want to do this when you are alone in your dorm room to avoid disturbing your dorm mates.)

Even more importantly, the best way to stay close to Christ is through the sacraments. I recommend that you go to Mass every Sunday and holy day (receiving Communion whenever possible), and go to confession on a regular basis. Frequent recourse to prayer and the sacraments is the best recourse against evil.

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