How do i prove Mary is important to protestant's


hi i talk to protestant ppl and i always bring up this subject and no matter what they will never believe that Mary plays an important role plz is there any bible verse or anything i can say to show them


It is not just the Catholic church that places particular emphasis on Mary. It is all the ancient Apostolic Churches, Greek and Russian orthodox, Syrian, Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian. Even the Anglican Church has seen a big growth in rededication to Mary. I’m afraid it is the Protestants who are out of step.

Why is Mary honoured above other saints?

  1. Because she is Mother of God in Christ Jesus.
  2. Because she is the first Christian
  3. Because she is the New Eve, whose act of obedience reversed Eve’s disobedience, and opened the path to our redemption.
  4. Because her life is an example of faithfulness.
  5. Because she is spiritual Mother of all Christians through Jesus.

In the Fall two people were involved - representing both sexes

  • Eve was given a choice to obey God or to be tempted into disobedience. She chose disobedience.

  • Following Eve’s action, Adam was tempted to disobey God’s command and bring about the fall.

  • Mary was given a choice to be obedient to God and do His will - she chose obedience.

  • Following from Mary’s decision to obey, Jesus was born and was tempted to disobey God’s command. He rejected that temptation, and brought about the redemption.

We have the First Adam, and the first Eve, and th 2nd Adam and the 2nd Eve. These links appear in the protogospel of Genesis 3.15, which is a prophetic foreshadowing of Jesus and His mother


Name another human being who was present in the manger when Christ was born, at Cana when he began his ministry, at the foot of the Cross when he was crucified, and in the upper room when he was resurrected.

Quite a coincidence, no?


Luke 1:48, where Mary says:

“For [the Lord] has looked upon his handmaid’s lowliness; behold, from now on will all ages call me blessed.”


Protestant: I can’t understand why Catholics place such a huge importance on Mary.
Catholic: Well, let me ask you this: is the power of God unlimited?
Protestant: Yes.
Catholic: And it was necessary for God the Son to become human right?
Protestant: Yes.
Catholic: I know God didn’t, but couldn’t God the Son have just miraculously appeared on Earth in human form?
Protestant: Yes, but…
Catholic: God could have, but he didn’t. He chose Mary to give him human form. He could have chose any woman in human history, but he chose just one…Mary.

(food for thought)


thank you all for what u have wriiten it helps alot


There’s a relatively new book out called *Mary for Evangelicals *which is very good (for Catholics, too).


That book was FASCINATING. Although the author isn’t going to convert anytime soon, he was really right on at many Catholic conclusions. In fact, his description of the communion of Saints was better than any Catholic explanation I’ve ever seen. I loooooved it, and I’m not even Protestant.


You can’t “prove” to Protestants that Mary is important. What I have learned on these threads is that Protestants object to Mary’s role because they reject the Apostolic Teaching of the Church. It is really an authority issue, not a doctrinal issue. They have to reject the Teachings about her because they have to reject the Teachings that are handed down to us. That is what identifies them as Protestants. By accepting Mary, they would have to relinquish all or some of their identity.

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