How do I purify my room?


I know this is quite an awkward question to ask, but I’m struggling in this area, so I need some help. Ok my question is this:

If I masturbate or watch any pornographic material in my room, does it cause my room to be defiled to the extent that I cannot pray in my room? If so, how do I purify my room? I tried asking this question in the “Ask an apologist” section but got no answer.

I would really appreciate it if some priest were to answer this, but others are also welcome. Thanks.


Short answer - no. When we sin we defile ourselves, but nothing happens to the location in which we commit the sin.

And remember we can most certainly pray in the state of sin - otherwise God would never hear the Acts of Contrition we say in confession! Similarly in a room in which we have sinned - if sin doesn’t prevent us from prayer, it doesn’t prevent the location from being a suitable locale for prayer either.

I’d use the holy water on myself, although you can sprinkle some around the room if you so wish. It certainly is a powerful sacramental, so it may help.


While we’re sorta on the topic, is it possible for an inanimate object to undergo demonic possession?


What, like the Amityville Horror house or something? I honestly don’t know. I certainly believe in the existence of evil spirits, and that they can possess susceptible people, but am sceptical that they would have sufficient power over inanimate matter to do that.


Get rid of the garbage within it.

That’s a serious response. Lots of men have struggled with these things, and the number one cause of them giving in to sinful temptation is having this trash buried around their space. Get rid of it. And start praying the Rosary every day, asking the Blessed Virgin to deliver you from this madness.

It works. :thumbsup:


I was led to this conclusion of “defilement” on reading the Old Testament. Leviticus 15 is what I’m talking about. The bible says that the man becomes “unclean” and then has to do something to cleanse himself. “Every bed on which he lies will be unclean” and so on.

Does this not apply to me?


Leviticus is pretty much about Jewish law. Since your not a Jew your not nessesarily bound by the legal aspects of it.


Sure, if you’re a Jew … :shrug:

There’s a good reason Jesus called HIS covenant the ‘New Covenant’. He fulfils the law, and thus renders at least some of the Old Covenant laws (dietary laws, for example) obsolete. This one is similar enough to the dietary laws, being solely about ritual purity as they are, that it can be said to have been nullified when they were.


I can empathize with you. I have been in the same position many times. I do believe that personal spaces should be purified. I have read about the possibility of inviting evil spirits into a space when we commit such acts. Someone on here even posted something similiar about praying to St. Michael every morning to battle off the evil spirits in her work place. The same thing could be done with your room.

I have taken the crucifix that hangs on my bedroom wall and crossed it over my bed, my chair, and my TV once.


Here are a few things to consider. I speak from experience.
*]Go to confession and confess every sexual sin you can remember and also confess that there are more you have forgotten. Do not hold anything back - it isnt supposed to be comfortable; you will feel awkward and uncertain. For this particular sin you may wish to offer a self composed act of contrition - totally optional. If you have any lapses, they need to be confessed at your next available opportunity - no excuses.
*]Dont recieve our Lord in the most holy Eucharist if you have fallen until you have confessed your sins. Consciously bring this temptation and your desire to be free of it and place it upon the foot of the Cross as you approach the altar to receive communion. Be prepared to accept this as your own Cross if it be God’s will for you.
*]Talk directly and audibly to Jesus when you feel yourself being tempted. He will be there with you and he will provide the grace so that you can overcome this temptation (1Cor 10:13). Have a “go to” prayer such as, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner” during times (or places) of extraordinary temptation. You can pray this as many times as you need to prevent a fall. I recommend that you have a physical posture that you always take when you make this prayer. I cup my hands over my heart and bow my head toward them - but whatever works for you. Do it everytime to form a good habit. A good habit is a powerful weapon against sin.
*]Set aside a fixed time every day for prayer. Begin the day with prayer and include your desire to be kept pure. End your day with prayer and include thanksgiving for having been kept pure. There are many daily meditations or devotionals to structure your daily prayer with. The regnum christi website has a daily meditation on the daily Gospel. Magnificat has morning and evening prayers and daily meditations along with the entire readings for Mass and its only 39 bucks a year.
*]Your room does not exert any power over you. When you choose to sin it is because you choose to sin, not because your room “makes you” sin. We choose to turn from Christ when we sin and unless we admit it we will never experience the true remorse that comes from betraying someone who loves you.
*]Get rid of anything in the room which represents a temptation - ie art, literature, etc etc that provokes a disordered sexual response from you. Dont simply relocate it, throw it out.
*]Let me know if I can be of further assistance - PM me.[/LIST]


Yes, but only if it’s been used for some demonic purpose or used in a demonic way. This can happen with Ouija boards, for example. If a demonic entity has taken up residence in a room, it may move to some object, such as a piano, to keep from being cast out.



I can relate to you so well. I decided to purify my room today, after I fell away while home alone today after school. I feel terrible, as I just went to confession on Wednesday, and purifying my room made me feel a little better.

I sprinkled holy water on my mirror, bed, computer, anything that I touched. I stared at my sacred heart of Jesus icon in my room for a while, told Satan to stay out of my life, and Jesus to stay in it.

My penance was to get some of Christopher West’s material on theology of the body. Kind of an odd penance, but I am currently looking it up and I hope it will help me to give up this cross.

Your prayers would be appreciated.


Why don’t you make your room a sort of “sacred space” ? Replace anything evil with something good. Put up a little altar with a crucifix, some holy pictures or statues of the BVM and other Saints, the Bible, put some holy pictures on the walls,etc. Get rid of anything that can lead you into this sin. Then remind yourself when you enter the room that only good and holy things and activities should take place there–such as praying, sleeping, studying, listening to good music, etc. Then when you are alone and subject to temptation, you might think twice before committing this sin with all this surrounding you.

Remember that when struggling with sin and bad habits, that it is not enough just to get rid of the sin or bad habit; something must be done to replace it or it may return to fill in the gap.


Yes. A demonic curse can be placed on an object or become essentially “evil” through its use in demonic or unholy acts, worship and intentions.



Get yourself to confession and then to mass and receive the sacraments. Then bring some some holy water from church, wet your fingers and make the sign of the cross or sprinkle on each wall of each room. Also do it above and on each window and door. Say a short prayer to God asking Him to send St. Michael to protect your home from all evil. It is good also to place blessed crucifixes or religious articles in the house. For example the sacred heart of Jesus is a good one since it actually has special promises associated with honoring the image.



Use Holy Water – it’s very powerful.

Of course we should make our homes a place of holiness. The Church has official blessings for this very reason.

Making our room a sacred place is important. Using holy water with prayers of blessing of the Holy Trinity (sign of the cross) and keeping blessed objects in our room will make the room a place where the Holy Spirit will be glad to dwell and our angels will drive off evil influences.

You have to get rid of all satanic influences also, of course. Get rid of pornography or anything like it. It’s best not to have a tv and internet in your room also because those will become big temptations if that has been your weakness and downfall.

Don’t clutter your room with too much stuff and keep it clean. That’s a good habit that will help keeping a chaste attitude and positive demeanor (to help overcome temptations to self-abuse).


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