How do I refute Sola Fide?

I have a friend who is a protestant and we were having a discussion about beng saved with faith alone vs. faith with works. As a Catholic, this was my first introduction of Sola Fide. In researching this a bit, I found that both the book of Romans and the Epistle of James is included in the Luthern protestant biblical canon as it is in the Catholic biblical canon. Yet Roman 3:28 and James 2:14-18 seam to contridice each other. Us Catholiic’s are brought up to believe in faith with works is needed but the Luthern Protestants belive in faith alone.

Which is it and how do us Catholics justify James over Romans or for Protestant, Romans over James? I would like to debate this topic and would appriciate any insight you can give me.

God Bless


These links should be helpful in understanding the Catholic position on sola fide, or salvation being by faith alone. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by these links, please contact Catholic Answers directly.
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