How do I relate to homosexual couples with whom I work?

I am a private music teacher who just began working in a private school which, I found out only on my first day, supports gay marriage. Although I work with children mainly, there are several same-sex couples raising these kids. As a Catholic, I believe that being homosexual in and of itself is not wrong, but that living a gay lifestyle is. By being warm and friendly towards these couples, I feel I am approaching the situation in the best way, and yet I fear that this attitude may lead to me beginning to accept something which my faith has taught me is not right.

We are taught to be in and not of the world, so the reality is that we will face many things in the world that are against our faith. I am just wondering how best to deal with this one. Any ideas?

Treat everyone well. Show the face of Christ to them and everyone. Pray for them.

Wear a crucifix outside your clothes. This makes it unneccessary for me to advise you to look for another job, since wearing the crucifix will cause this to happen in the natural course of things.

I suggest treating them like any parent you deal with. You will see kids with single parents, unmarried parents, emotionally troubled parents, etc. Point is there are all sorts of sins these parents have. We are called to love the sinner even if we hate the sin. Rest is up to God.

Nobody is asking you to accept their lifestyle or compromise your values in any way. You are simply asked to be patient and professional regarding a number of challenges these people will bring you while you’re at work. You do not to be their friends or pretend to be gay-friendly.

I also suggest praying for them. You will find yourself praying for sinners for a variety of reasons after dealing with them at work.

God bless

Like everybody else.

Just be professional. You are there to teach the children. You don’t have to like the lifestyle of their parents, but treat them the same as any other parents.

Treat them in exactly the same professional and friendly manner you would treat any other parent at the school.

Sarah x :slight_smile:

Let God’s radiance shine forth from you as He did in Moses. Don’t worry, the children will know the truth through God’s work through you.

Treat them with loving kindness and pray for them.




What a useless comment wrapped in false profundity.

How would you treat a someone who has divorced and remarried? They are people too and they want what they think is best for their kids. Act professional, be a good example.

A bit harsh.

But treating them with charity is not that bad a suggestion. Although I think you’re referring to the Latin as being useless?

I liked your crucifix suggestion though

A bit harsh.

Life’s tough.

But treating them with charity is not that bad a suggestion. Although I think you’re referring to the Latin as being useless?

I like Latin. But saying “charity” is useless in a thread where a person is seeking to define charity (to self AND others) in a particular way for a particular case. EVERYONE knows charity is the answer, now we move on to figuring out the demands of charity in real-life situations.

I liked your crucifix suggestion though

Thanks. It will land the OP in hot water, thus allowing the OP to identify with the sufferings of Our Lord who landed in hot water. Thus, I am practicing Caritas by helping the OP to more closely identify with the sufferings of Christ.

Not sure what you mean when you say the school “supports gay marriage”?
You mean just because it has students who happen to have gay, married parents? (but it’s not as tho a school is going to deny admission to these kids, is it??)
This would describe the majority if schools.

Or does this school do something else in public–marches, gay pride day, etc–to support gay marriage?

If merely being warm and friendly to human beings is all it takes to lead you to accept these married couples and think and feel against what you’ve been taught to believe your entire life…my first thought would be that maybe deep down, you don’t really feel that gay marriage is so wrong.

It’s all about the kids. You’re a teacher. I repeat, it’s all about the kids.

Treat the parents respectfully and just focus on teaching their children.

Just treat them like everyone else. You don’t have to agree with their lifestyle at all, but they’re still human beings that deserve your respect and your prayers. Please don’t think of them as less than you, because that’s where many people fail with their Christianity. No one will ever be less than you.

I would not be comfortable working in a school that made it a policy to support gay marriage. Do you mean that they actively teach this as a policy in the school, or are they neutral on the subject but open to same-sex parents? My advice would be to seek another job if you are going to be required to publicly preach this agenda to children. If you will not be required to teach that same-sex relations are moral, then I don’t see a conflict. I’ve been teaching for years and I’ve seen countless children that come from households I wouldn’t wish on a dog. All you can do is love the child and do your best to help them develop their skills, teach them to love learning and strive for excellence, and try and help them value themselves as a person.

No one will ever be less than you.


Truly I say to you, among those born of women there has not arisen anyone greater than John the Baptist! Yet the one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.

I’d say there’s definitely some greater/lesser going on. Particularly if one is not Catholic…

It is not our place to judge the state of someone else’s soul versus our own. Therefore, we are to treat everyone as if they are on our level.

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