How do I remain chaste while traveling abroad?

I have an important issue to help me getting your advice. I’m working abroad and living away from my wife for a period of three months per travel period. How may we live out our conjugal relations in a chaste way?

By recognizing and accepting that there will be periods in your marriage during which you will have to abstain from conjugal relations.

While the two of you should certainly be in contact through whatever technological means you have at your disposal (e.g., Skype, email, phone calls), you simply cannot engage in any kind of “long-distance” conjugal relations. Conjugal relations requires being present to each other and must end in the completed marital act. Any other form of sexual activity outside that is grave matter.

Please try to remember that there are men and women who live out their entire lives without engaging in sexual activity. Surely you and your wife can manage to do so for a few months at a time per year. It is not an ideal situation, and I would not suggest it is easy, but an important part of marriage is self-sacrifice of one’s personal pleasures for the good of the other and the good of your marriage and family.

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