How do I respond to family's letter trying to "save" us?

Hi. I am new here so I hope I am posting correctly:)

I just received a letter from my husband’s aunt and uncle. They gave us material to read and want us to know the “truth” as they know it. They left the Catholic church years ago and are trying to save us and his parents.

Some things written in the letter are:
There is no such place as purgatory…it has never existed.
If you are not sure you go to heaven, you will go to hell. The catholic church teaches that no one is sure.
Catholics are told to place their trust and faith in the church, not Jesus Christ.
Catholics know little about the bible.
We are in great danger.
Catholics are not Christians.

I also received pamplets against the Catholic church and tapes.

I am very happy with my faith and would like to respond to them. I am asking for any wisdom any of you may have on how to respond to this. My husband says we should just throw the info away and not respond, but I would like to share with them that I am happy with my faith.

This letter is very upsetting to me!
Thank you


There are many Catholic pamphlets, tracts, and tapes available for free or low cost. I’ve included links below that should be good starting places for you to learn about Catholic answers to these Protestant claims. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by these links, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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