How do I restore my faith?

obviously im in a position where i dont want to be. im losing faith and finding myself asking God (why), why why why.

i hate doing that, but i dont know what else to say. to0 many questions and no answers. my future is uncertain, if i have a future. is seems to me that everyday is a struggle. i find myself craweled up in a corner not knowing what to do and how to get over it. im a mess. i am truly all alone. no friend no family no nothing. just finding myself asking god why.

why cant god give me peace? im a good person. why cant god give me a break in this thing called life? do i deserve to be miserbale all my life. maybe there are few people in this world that would never have happiness, love, healing,peace. im begining to think im one of those people.

i think that god is tired of me asking this question. i cant seem to get any answers.

i need to be in a position where im in faith again. and stop asking god why. why me

i hope i can find some releave


When we begin to consider our situation, we often begin with ourselves. This is the wrong place to begin because we are not the beginning of ourselves. God is the beginning of ourselves. He came first and therefore He must come first. When we begin with Him, we get very different answers.

The question isn’t why am I not happy. The question is: what can I do to thank God for the gift of life? How can I thank Him for loving me so much that He would endure so much torture and actually die on my behalf—when He is God and didn’t have to? The more we see how much He loves us, the more we realize how much we are loved and how valuable we are. Such realization brings us peace. Nothing else can do it. Look at a crucifix and realize that He considers you worth all that He endured.
You are not chopped liver. You are loved with a love that has no limit.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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