How do I sacrifice a cold heart?


I am often very melancholy. When I visit my parents, I find myself even more so (both are divorced, one remarried). My Dad and his new wife accept their lifestyle and are still receiving Holy Communion.

I often have the blahs when I go over there because of this. I smile, play with my kids, and am very polite over there, but I’m not my complete joyful self when there. I notice it. They probably do to.

Instead of focusing on the problem that I allow to rob my joy, how do I allow my joy to take precedence over this situation and other situations in my life?


Lou, maybe it’s better that you show in your lack of effusiveness that you are saddened by your parents’ situation. Maybe someday they’ll ask you about it, and you can, ever so gently, let them know how concerned you are. With a lot of help from the Holy Spirit, that could be a turning point in their lives.



Lou, I suggest you to pray for your parents.
Prayers work wonders in hearts, for both the one who is being prayed for and the one who is praying.

God bless!


Dear Lou

It’s hard and painful often but it’s needed to offer prayers and sacrifices for them and talk to them about what their doing and explain how and why it’s wrong and how you feel and how you worry about children being corrupted. It’s not always easy when your a christian but if you don’t talk they may well be lost - it’s as simple as that.

Good luck and God bless friend:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


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