How do I say "no mass" to my parents?

My parents are building a weekend home several hours away from where we live, which is expected to be finished in a few months. We are planning to have a big housewarming party with many friends and relatives when the house is done. My mom has asked me if I could find a local priest to say a mass before the party (and I assume to bless the house).

Herein lies the problem:

My parents, immediate family, and many of my relatives are either non-practicing Catholics or only go to church on Christmas, Easter, or if someone dies.

My parents almost never go to mass at all (whether they‘re home or at our weekend property), and to my knowledge, they’ve never even stepped foot into either of the two local Catholic churches near our weekend property, despite being in the area at the average two weekends per month for the last two years.

I don’t want to contribute to the idea that the mass is a cute novelty and can be ignored whenever there is no coinciding special occasion taking place.

Even if I started attending the local church and get to know one of the priests there, I still would feel uncomfortable asking him to come out of his way to visit our property and say mass for a group of mostly non-practicing or non-at-all Catholics.

Any thoughts?

I’d talk to a local priest and get his opinion… he’ll probably agree with you…
Then that takes the pressure off YOU… push the decision on to the PRIEST…

My guess is he’ll suggest the family registers and becomes active members, and then after that’s established, plan a home based Mass…

call the parish and invite the priest or deacon to come and bless the house, and of course to attend the party. when you send out the invitations, add: for those who wish to join us, we will be attending Noon Mass at Our Lady of Church on Sunday, map included. and the party will begin after Mass, at 2 pm.

At least they want to get their home blessed :slight_smile: It is odd that they would even think of this since they’re non-practicing Catholics. Could you bring up Confession with them? There’s a little book by Tan called “Confession for the Reluctant” or something like that, designed for people who’ve been away for a while. Maybe you could give them a copy.

Dan, I’ve had plenty of conversations w/ non-practicing Catholics so I’d note this was an excellent idea.Yet I’d certainly make the comment, ***“Good. I hope this gets you back to Mass regularly again.” *** Then have a friendly discussion on the matter.

I would welcome this initiative from your mom with open arms! I like the suggestion of checking in with the local priest and would place the decision as to whether to offer simply a “house blessing” or full mass in his capable hands. There may even be some prohibition against holding mass outside a church in the local diocese which will let both of you off the hook in dealing with your mother’s request. :wink: (Then once you know the local priest you may even have some luck in inviting your parents to attend mass with you while on vacation!)

I don’t believe a priest can say a Mass in a non-consecreted place. It’s a wonderful idea, though, to have the house blessed. Perhaps that’s the spark that will get your parents back to church.

Have you spoken with them, telling them that you’d like it if you could all attend Mass together?

They can in the Archdiocese of Atlanta :slight_smile: It’s wonderful to have Mass in your house! They can also have Mass outdoors.

I have attended numerous ‘at home’ Masses in this archdiocese and the Portland, Oregon archdiocese and all were legitimate.

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