How do I say "No" to going to a Mormon church?


I’m a Protestant, recently convinced that the Catholic Church is God’s true church, though I’m yet to reconcile a lot of my beliefs with the Church’s teachings.

I promised a new friend that I would go to her church with her as she’s been estranged for a while and doesn’t want to go on her own, however it wasn’t until after I offered that I learnt she is Mormon.

I don’t agree with their beliefs and going to her church would make me uncomfortable, however I would sound hypocritical saying this as I was initially uncomfortable attending Catholic Masses.

What are my options – is there a way out, or should I go along to placate her and make good on my offer?


It depends on whether or not you would be attracted to Mormonism if you went to this church. If you feel comfortable attending as a non-participating observer, it is fine to go on this one occasion to keep your word. However, if you fear that you would be attracted to Mormonism or if you fear that the Mormons would proselytize you (and Mormons are big on proselytism), you could simply say that you don’t feel comfortable going and hope that she’ll understand.

You might put it this way: “I’m sorry; I didn’t realize you attend a Mormon church. I’m unable to attend a Mormon church because of my own beliefs, but if you’d ever like to come to my church, please let me know. I’d love to have your company.”

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