How do I solve this?


I will skip the long boring details of it all, but in short; there is this girl that I like, and for about a year or so, we haven’t gotten along really well, we ignore each other because of some issues that happened a while back (my fault). I did some rather stupid things so since then I was embarassed to talk to her really.

We go to the same youth group and see each other fairly often. I don’t go head over heels like I used to. I still like her though, but it’s more to do with me just reconciling with someone that actually helped me come back to the faith even though she doesn’t know it. I just feel odd talking to her again, over anything really, cause when I see here I just get embarassed. It’s just silly now the way we avoid each other and don’t talk =(

I feel I need to just throw away my pride and (to put it in cliche terms) ‘be a man’. It would just suck that another few years from now that because of my pride and fear that I missed something, and I’m referring to friendship, not relationship. Friendship of someone who helped me come back to the faith, because it was because of her that I started going to a catholic youth group. Not anymore though, but she was the little push that God used to bring me back :smiley:

Any hints?


Just go up to her when there is noone else around and start by saying, 'there is something I want to say. I am sorry for " such and such" and I have wanted to apologise for some time. etc etc.
Just a simple, 'I’m sorry" when it is genuine works wonders.
Apologising is something we all need to practise when we are wrong.
Its better to have a few minutes of awkwardness than the situation continuing to be awkward forever. And she will respect you for having the courage to say you’re sorry.
God bless


Thanks, guess that’s what I have to do.


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