How do I soothe my angry Episcopalian friend?

How do I explain to an Episcopalian friend who is angry that she can’t receive Communion in the Catholic Church that we are not looking down on her? I can’t seem to give her an explanation she will accept.

If you have tried to explain to your friend and she refuses to accept your explanation, then this is a matter of a willful refusal to accept and not an inability to understand. You might say to her, “If you are really that interested in receiving Catholic Communion, you should consider becoming Catholic.” If she says she is not interested in becoming Catholic, then you might say, “Then perhaps you should allow the Catholic Church to make its own rules about its own Communion, and respect those rules just as you would expect a visitor to an Episcopalian church to respect your church’s rules.” If she protests further, just say mildly, “I’m afraid this is a subject on which we’ll have to agree to disagree.”

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