How do I stop a relative who uses family occasions to preach anti-Catholicism?


My cousin was baptized Catholic and grew up among a strong Catholic family. While attending college he was exposed to Campus Crusade for Christ. He soon became heavily involved with them and joined their student staff. Also during this time he was baptized a second time in a Protestant church. As a result of this group and their teaching he now considers himself a Calvinist. He says that basically because he followed a set of rituals as a Catholic that he wasn’t a Christian. Now he has says that he has only been a Christian for six years. He feels proud of that and disregards the twenty years he spent before that as a Catholic.

His best man made reference to this at his wedding, which was very offensive to our family. He also mentioned this recently at my uncle’s funeral. He picks the worst times to mention this and I have had enough. What can I do?


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