How do I stop being haunted?

On Saturday night all of the soldiers decided to go to a haunted bridge to celebrate Halloween. When we went we counted to 10 and at the end a white figure appeared behind the bridge. We walked off but one insisted we try again. All of a sudden as we walked to the middle the wind picked up and what sounded like static blew around us. It stopped as soon as we began counting. While counting down the white form moved towards us and one girl who is Wiccan began crying. I rapidly finished the countdown and we all ran back to the car. The girl who insisted we count down again wants us to go to the cemetery across the street so we go despite all feeling alarmed and find dead Crow’s on the graves. We sit down in the pavilion to tell spooky stories. While I’m telling the stories to the girls about a woman whose face gets stolen by the mirror people the Wiccan and another girl rose and were staring at different directions. I turned around to find white mist again and we hightail out of there. While driving back my rosary is turning in circles. I shake it off to the car but take it with me to pray. When in my room I begin hearing feet outside and my rosary begins spinning in circles. I run back to the soldiers house the girls are sleeping at and while looking it up we find nothing. I go to pick up my rosary and find it broken. While scrolling on my FB the first friend suggestion I have is a mannequin with no face and the second picture is included. I hand my rosary over to the other Catholic girl and she puts it on the coffee table. I go to duty that morning and they explain the rosary is missing and that there are tiny handprints on their car. I check mine and it is the same. I go recieve a blessing from father and buy a new rosary and cross to wear. I come back from my 24 hour duty to find the rosary laid on my bed but it changed from gold to black. No one has access to my room and I hadn’t came back. While sleeping I felt my legs being violently shaked and woke up. Everything calms down and the soldier who requested to go back to the bridge calls me because she’s watching things in her kitchen moving. I also woke up and my room was extremely hot but the heat is broken and it’s 45 degrees outside. I am extremely alarmed and looking for ways to deal with this unwanted presence. My grandmother encouraged I take my new rosary to be blessed and bury the old one. The father himself was very confused.

You are working up your imagination.

Go to Confession and get in a state of Grace.

Stop believing in hauntings.

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Hauntings are possible although I would prefer to call them what they are namely, Demonic Infestations.

@Emil23 both of your Rosaries should be blessed along with your Apartment. Also, you should go to Confession.

Mind the company you keep and the places you go. Don’t dabble in the occult or bring strange things home.

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And they can only be “diagnosed” by the Church (your pastor works with your Bishop)

In this case, if what the OP is saying has occurred, it would be my opinion that he should very much talk to a priest about what’s going on. The priest will either be able to think of some potential natural explanations, who to see to find out if there’s a natural explanation, or what spiritual course of action to take.

The gold rosary turning black is what’s got me intrigued in that regard. I would recommend the OP think again of how someone could’ve gotten in an changed it though.


Like my Parents found out, You’ll know!

The real problem is that after admitting that there’s a “problem”, people don’t know what to do. An incident in Allegheny County was severely botched and handled incorrectly until Bishop Wuerl brought an Exorcist from New York State in to settle the matter. So, even then it can still be a lengthy and arduous process.

Getting your house or apartment blessed and being in a State of Grace are the easiest things to do immediately. If it continues, personally, I’d ditch the Apartment.

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I wish I could post the videos but they’re all too large. We definitely saw something out there.

I wouldn’t be frequenting those places then. Go to Church and get in a State of Grace.


Maybe you could upload to YouTube and then link.

Cut your ties with these people.

Don’t befriend Witches they don’t have your back and are deceived by devils.

Go to confession ask for a minor exorcism and quit messing with this stuff.

Playing with this stuff will only drag you to Hell.

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Sigh…if I were your mother I wouldn’t let you out at night, esp. with a bunch of impressionable girls. I would tie you to the bedpost along with that wad of gum you stuck there when you were about 10. Your post sounds like a case of mass hysteria. The more yo dwell on it the more it becomes a reality for you. Go to confession, pray your rosary and keep in mind that we had a very heavy mist/fog the past few nights. LOL! And people worry about Harry Potter!

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