How do I stop my brother-in-law?


I have a brother-in-law who cannot stand foreign vehicles. I purchased a Nissan two years ago and my family and I love the car. From the day I purchased it, my brother-in-law has been talking bad to myself, my family and his family and friends about how he doesn’t want my car anywhere near him and his family. His kids are always making comments to myself and my family about how bad we are for buying a foreign car. My 8-year-old daughter came to me two days ago in tears and told me to please sell my Nissan, it’s bad to own foreign. My brother-in-law has brainwashed his kids to be foreign haters. My brother-in-law is very Catholic and has a very large family, like myself. I want this to stop really bad, it is tearing me up inside, and affecting my family. I feel the only way I can wake my brother-in-law up is to bring Catholicism into this problem we are having over a car.


I’m sorry, but I disagree. Do you really want to give your brother-in-law an excuse to start complaining that you are a bad Catholic, as well as a bad American?

Just tell your brother-in-law to stop it. The car belongs to you, not him; and your choice in cars is your business, not his. If he refuses to stop upsetting you and your family over this, you and your wife may have to consider distancing your family from his.

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