How do I stop receiving zenit news in my email


I really am tired of reading the news and the constant soliciting for funds. How do I put a stop to this?


Don’t they have a way to stop it in the e-mail they send you? There should be a link to them for this.

Can’t help you otherwise:).

Brenda V.


Scroll to the bottom of the page. Third option is subscribe/unsubscribe. Click on that and follow directions.


Tried that. The problem is I am getting these things through a third party at no cost. When I try to unsubscribe Zenit doesn’t recognize my email address to begin with. This is all annoying and I am tired of solicitations.


you will have to go to the site of the third party to unsubscribe
if somebody is sending it as a forward either ask them to stop or report it as spam


Add the e-mail address that is sending you this stuff to your blocked e-mail addresses.


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