How do I talk to my children about gay relationships?

We have lived next door to a gay, male couple for 12 years and my children, ages 10,7,5 and 3 and I like them very much. They have taken a real interest in them and we consider them friends. Recently the two older children asked me if they were brothers and when I responded that they weren’t they pressed me about “what they were” then. I was able to redirect them but I knew this day would come and my neighbors and I have actually discussed it a few times as they are afraid the kids will feel differently about them if they knew the nature of their relationship. I want to find the words to explain it to them while following our Catholic beliefs. One of the men has fallen away from the Catholic Faith and I know he struggles with it and his life choices somewhat. Please post kind and helpful suggestions as they are dear friends of mine.


You can tell them that they are friends and let it go at that. If the older one’s ask why they aren’t married (to women) and have a family, you can say that some people don’t marry. There is no reason to go into an involved explanation. Just answer that they ask.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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