How do i talk to my priest ?

Hello everyone

i have a bit of a promblem. It sounds redicoulous i know i want to talk to my priest i dont know what i actually want to talk to him about.
and i find it very hard to say anything to him.
I respect him more than he would ever know and im sure he would be over the moon if i went to him and asked questions but my head is a blank when i see him.
I would quite like to have the courage to just go to him after mass and talk away. I am also interested in the priesthood.

But i just dont know how i could start the conversation
I could never just go up to him and say is it ok if i come over to your house tonight.
Any advice please ?

I understand! It’s hard to talk to people you respect. Just take it slow. I’d take a few weeks to just make sure he knows who you are, recognizes your face, etc. Shake his hand after mass, introduce yourself, show up at a lot of functions, etc. Then, just simply ask him for a meeting…like you said, he’ll probably be happy to oblige! I know it can be scary to ask, but think of all the wisdom you are missing out on by being afraid to even talk to the man who is supposed to be your shepherd! I recommend asking for the meeting during a time when he is not being ambushed by a bunch of other people too - when I’ve had meetings with my priest, I’ve waited for him outside after daily mass. That seemed to work well. And yes, I was scared to ask for those meetings, but I didn’t regret asking and one of the meetings actually changed my life!

Another way to make first contact is by email. I recently emailed my priest to request a meeting with him. That way they can take a look at their schedule and book some time for you. I was given a date 3 weeks out, he is very busy so I’m happy to have this specific time slot.

When you get to the meeting, just take a deep breath and speak from the heart. That’s what I plan to do, although I have been writing down questions as I think of them. That’s another benefit to the date being a few weeks out, the more I research and think things out on my own the more I will be prepared to have an in depth discussion.

Let us know how is goes, I will pray for you.


You said that you were interested in the priesthood. That should be an easy in, to talk to your priest. Every Priest I have ever met has been interested in increasing vocations. If you are seriously considering the priesthood please let your priest know. I would bet anything he will find time to talk with you:thumbsup:

Kudos to the first two people that replied with the email and talking to your priest after mass, that is exactly what I would do. Also, if you are DYING to have a meeting with your priest, I would just go to an extremely NON-busy confessional time. During confession, even though your priest will be “in the head of Christ”; it would be a great time to talk about whatever you needed to say. Of course, don’t just walk in and start talking, the best time to ask for help would be whist admitting your sins, or after the priest absolves you. Once you start talking to him, a lot more will probably come out then you expect, and so it will take some time, most priests are very welcoming so feel free to just ask for a meeting in a later time. I know my priest also has a pen and paper with him in case anyone asks. I hope that little insight helped.
God Bless,

thanks for the advice eeryone

God bless

If you want to talk to him but aren’t sure what to talk about, maybe you could start by taking him out to dinner some night and just hang out with him- get to know him a little better. If you feel called to the priesthood, maybe your conversation will move in that direction.

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