How do I talk to someone about a noisy child?

There is a man who brings his one-year-old to Mass (daily and weekend) and the child shrieks (just normal behavior) all during Mass, so that I honestly can’t follow the readings, the homily, or pray during the liturgy. I guess the father’s used to it and can tune it out, but the rest of us wince every time. I complained to the priest, and he agreed that it is loud and distracting, but I don’t think he feels he can say anything. It’s gotten to the point where I’m bringing earplugs or am just not going. There is an area right outside the sanctuary where this father could take the child and still see and hear Mass. What can I say to him?

The priest or his appointed delegate (such as an usher) is the one who must say something. Go to the priest again and say politely but more firmly:

“Father, I know we talked about this situation before, but it has gotten to the point that I have to bring earplugs to Mass to concentrate on worship. Others around me wince in discomfort. Would you please give this man some guidance in protocol for bringing a small child to Mass?”

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