How do I talk with a Seventh-Day Adventist?

I’m Catholic (a convert actually). I have worked with a good Seventh-Day Adventist woman for eight months. She has the sacrifice thing down pat. Do Seventh-Day Adventists believe in original sin? What should I focus on?

I am unsure to what you refer by your comment about “the sacrifice thing,” but yes, Seventh-Day Adventists believe in original sin. For an overview of SDA beliefs, click here. As a convert from Seventh-Day Adventism myself, I recommend focusing your attention on the issue of authority. If you can establish that Christ founded the Catholic Church, which he vested with his own authority to teach the world in his name, you’ll undercut a great many Adventist arguments; particularly so with the ones based on rejection of the authority of the Catholic Church, such as the change of the day of corporate worship for Christians from Saturday to Sunday.

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