How do I teach my children about homosexuality being wrong?

How do I teach my children about homosexuality being wrong?

I am Catholic and am raising my children Catholic. I actively am involved with the church.

I am a homemaker and have four children, one boy and three girls. One daughter is in high school, one in middle and one in pre-k. My son is 2 yrs old and stays at home.

My daughter’s in middle and high school are experiencing piers involved with homosexuality. I don’t know how to protect them from it. I explained that it is wrong in the Catholic church, but I never expected that this age would be so accepting of it in music, education and television programming. I feel as though its being shoved down my throat. Its even on toddler tv programming. I see innuendos everywhere.

Its so excepted as the norm now. I don’t know what to do, I am at loss of how to teach my children. I have a cousin who just came out not too long ago and said he was gay. I teach my children that its not right but to treat people as they would be treated and not to judge but don’t condone it. Is this right?

Advice needed thanks :thumbsup:

I’m a teenager myself, and I don’t know how someone can approve of homosexual actions. It’s called sodomy. Maybe you could read to your kids the story about Sodom and Gomorrah.

Homosexual actions (if you know what I mean ;)) can’t produce life, and therefore are sinful. Sorry if I’m not explaining this as well as I should, but I’m not too good at explaining.

I agree. The bible is revelation from our creator, and He is much more knowledgeable than we are. The Sodom and Gomorra story is a good place to start.

The old testament and new testament are pretty clear on same sex relations. It is an abomination.

Your kids, if they are in a public school, will be told differently in their classes. Indoctrination is the game that is being played today. Many parents are unaware.

I think you need to start with the ten commandments not singling out a particular sin. Giving a good explanation of each commandment and how it relates to them in their everyday life. Give them examples of each sin that they may observe being commited and why it is wrong. Of course this needs to be done over time at opportune moments. As you approach each commandment over time, teaching them to judge the action not the person is important. I think if you need to emphasize all single people are called to lead chaste lives. We all have sinful tendancies we need to overcome. Children today have so much to deal with, I feel sorry for parents today. I pray for you. Of course you have to speak at their level and needs. Take it as it comes and try not to dwell on any particular thing until it becomes an issue that needs addressing. I’m sorry I’m out of touch with raising kids and the modern challenges. My only child is 25 and single and I have no grandkids yet. Hope my advice is useful I know my prayers will be.

Why worry about this when they have been raised all their lives to know what the church teaches and what their family has acted like as an example? It is very easy to worry about the sky falling too. But, until you have a reason to worry why not trust your ability as a parent and religious educator in your child’s life unless you are worried you did not give a good example to them somehow?

:ehh: I go to a public school. You may be right if homosexuality was ever brought up, but the topic isn’t discussed in the classroom. indoctrination is right in science however, unless the teacher is a Catholic.

You can explain that God loves all of us, and we ALL sin. Homosexuality is considered a sin in the eyes of God, but He still loves ‘‘the sinner.’’ I have kids, and I’ve always taught them this, and taught them to do more than ‘tolerate.’ I have taught them to be compassionate. No one has any earthly idea what leads someone down a particular moral/immoral path. We are called to be the Light of Christ to the world, and in that, we are to love and share the Good News. We can’t judge where someone is in life. (not that you are OP, just sayin) But, God does the rest. I don’t have any qualms about my kids being in class with kids who are gay…etc. Our kids will eventually become adults, and the world is filled with people who lead all kinds of different lifestyles. Can’t avoid that. So, it’s best to teach them a positive way to approach those who are different than themselves.

So long as you don’t reject them if they tell you they are gay, all you have to do is love your wife, treat her as a queen and show them what a happy marriage is like. Above all, don’t make your whole relationship with your kids about worrying that they might be gay. That’s destructive. You want your kids to feel safe with you. If they ask you questions about sexuality, answer them honestly and give your views. Never, never tell them that gay people are cursed by God or not worth loving. Most kids today have gay friends or know at least one terrific person who is gay and your kid will decide that you are a judgmental freak not to be trusted. Tell them about married love in a way that will help them remain chaste and give themselves to their spouses on the wedding night.

I like the font you used. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry, that’s all I wanted to say. I do like your comment though, too. :wink:

why not contact your online or real life friend who are homeschooling Catholic curriculum. Maybe there are books that teach about what the Church teaches regarding homosexuality. More importantly, be a living example for your kids.

Start with the basics, start with biology, according to the appropriateness considering the age of the kids: only one man and woman can make a child. Sex, in order to be morally licit in the eyes of the Church, has to be both unitive and procreative. That can only be done with a man and a woman who are married in the Church. It’s as simple as that…I think. Probably easier with the high schooler, huh? :blush:

I think I was a middle schooler when I had “the tawk”.

Making children and taking care of them are two different balls of wax.

Yes, they are. :slight_smile:

The easiest way is to point out that all sex outside of marriage is wrong and two people of the same gender can not legitimately marry.

You’re right of course, but the problem with this is that some states (mine included) have now decided that two people of the same gender can legitimately legally marry. The Church does not recognize or condone this of course, but since the state does, it can be confusing to kids.

My 5 year old said to me yesterday that someone (at preschool) told her that two girls can get married. :mad: :frowning: I corrected her and said that God made marriage for one man and one woman and left it at that for now. Obviously we’ll have to discuss this in more depth someday, and it’ll probably be a lot earlier than I want it to be.

I think if we immerse our children in our faith on a daily basis, when it does come time to teach them about these things, they’ll have a good background in the faith and hopefully that will help them – both with reasoning through things and because of the graces God will give us and the kids to help with these difficult topics! :crossrc:


It’s in the newspaper, on TV, on the radio… it’s OKAY to talk about it!
Pull out your handy-dandy Catechism (you DO you have one on the shelf, right???), and open it up! Discuss these things - how these sins are a REALITY in this world. DISCUSS how they harm the image of holy family life. DISCUSS how this is against the Natural Order of God’s creation.
Just TALK about it! Don’t be afraid of the subject.

It’s not just wrong in the Catholic Church, it’s wrong everywhere. As for teaching your children, I would emphasize that the reason it is wrong is simply because God made us to be with opposite sex partners, not same sex.

If you’re looking for something to bring the wrongness of homosexual behavior home to your kids in a way they can relate to, I think the ridiculous levels of disease and very early death are the most understandable, down to earth example, because everyone understands being sick and nobody wants to die.

Here’s a helpful link on that subject

You are right, Christ encourages us not to worry that is so true!

Without worrying though we need to be vigilant. Just because we raise our children all their lives to know what the church teaches and that we have been a good example; we still need to be watchful for outside influences. Unfortunately it is not enough always to simply raise your child in the faith…many people fall away. A parent need not worry needlessly however we need to be alert should our children hear new information or be influenced by others that we are ready with support and encouragement and that we are able to answer their questions.

I don’t mean to go off topic too much, but “Indoctrination … in science” – care to explain what you mean by that?

Er…you already HAVE taught them. I will never understand why parents get SO concerned about teaching that homosexuality is bad, and wonder HOW ON EARTH to teach their kids, when all you have to do is say, hey, Kids, the Bible says that having gay sex is wrong, but we should still love gay people.

Not hard.

Now, go make sure they know premarital sex and birth control are wrong. That is goingb to be ten times more relevant to them.

Love this!

A (Catholic) friend of mine was telling me her teenaged daughters were very upset a (Protestant) peer was posting some very hurtful and disparaging things about gay people on her Facebook. This made the girls want to go to rallies to support gay rights.

I’m not going to go into my personal beliefs. I just want to point out in my opinion we have to, foremost, teach our children to be respectful and kind.

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