How do I tell my boyfriend I want to be pure again?

My boyfriend and I recently started going “all the way.” We say we love each other but after reading everything about true love, I think we’ve made a lot of mistakes. I want to tell him we should stop but I’m afraid he might leave me or start treating me in a bad way.

A man who would cast you aside or mistreat you because you want to reclaim your purity and have a more loving, truly Christian relationship with him is no man but a user you would be well rid of. You need to take a stand for what you know is right. If he is capable of becoming the man you want him to be, he will at least respect your conviction, whether or not he agrees with it right now. For more information and support for your conviction to return to chastity, I recommend visiting Catholic Answers’ chastity outreach site, Pure Love Club. God bless.

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