How do I tell my husband?


:slight_smile: I am seriously thinking of becoming a Catholic and :frowning: i am so worried about what my husband will say. I am seeing my local priest on friday but I havn’t had courage to tell my husband yet; he is a lovely man and we have been happily married for 24 years. i am a baptist and he does not have a faith and can be very stubborn. He dosn’t mind me being a baptist because he believes baptists practice free will, but is against catholics for all sorts of reasons. i know other family members will not like it either.
I really don’t know what to do, I have prayed and prayed about this.
recently I began going to an anglo catholic church here in England, pray the rosary with their group and attend daily mass where they believe in the real presence of Christ.But I’d like to go all the way and look into Roman catholic - the ‘proper catholic’!
But how do I tell my husband and family?
Should I stay anglocatholic for a while and let them get used to that (with it still being within the English anglican church family just about cope with this, although my baptist church still expect me to go back there. It’s all very stressful.
Any advice? With thanks


It is SOOOO hard to change religions.

It saddens me that more Christians (both Catholic and Protestant) don’t understand that some of us need to go down different religious paths in order to find truth.

Having said that, the only advice I can offer you, is to pray, remind him that you still love him dearly, and give your reasons for becoming a catholic.

Heck, you never know, he might say, “Sweetheart, your right! Let’s go!”

I’m praying for you, as I am sure we all are.


Gulp, so I guess I am going to have to tell him - can’t i just sneek off and visit the priest, then see how i feel? Oh dear, where has “trust in the Lord with all your heart…” gone?
Well maybe I’ll say something tonight, prayer warriors beware I may need back up
watch this space…


I’m excited for you bindin, to take this next step. :bounce: I hope it goes well. But, if it doesn’t…if your husband has a bad reaction, you can’t help that. You have to follow your heart, and your soul…and you are being led by the Holy Spirit to become Catholic. It’s a great thing! Don’t let anyone rain on your parade, but beware…that you will have some tension from those who think you’re making a terrible mistake. Be prepared for the worst, but expect the best. I will be praying for you!


Knowing very little I can only offer little advise.

  1. If you are feeling the call to the Catholic Church, the I think you should not remain outside of the Church. The family will have to get use to it someday anyway.

  2. Since you are coming from a Baptist Background, your husband should recognize that going Catholic is not something you take lightly, like going from Baptis to presbyterian for instance. This is a deep and prayerful decision youy have come to

  3. Offer to talk with him as long and often as necessary to help him understand the truth about the Catholic Church. Not to convert him necessarily but to clear up misunderstandings.

  4. Speak softly but firmly and with Charity.

Since you have been married fro 24 years one can assume you have weathered other “Storms”. With God’s Grace and Help you’ll weather this one also.



Ask him if he believes in Free Will; he says Yes; then you say your free will wants to be Catholic.

He can not argue against free will.


Follow where He leads you and He will take care of the rest, just have faith.

You may also want to pick up the book “Born Fundamentalist Born Again Catholic” to give you some more insight into the Church and the differences and it may also dispel some misunderstandings for your husband as well.



Make it clear to him that whatever your religion, your relationship with him will remain the same.


I think it’s fine to meet with the priest and see how you feel before discussing it with family members. You can also discuss with the priest how to approach your family and tell them you are planning to become Catholic.

Good Luck!


First of all, there is no ‘proper catholic church’. It is up to what you believe and like.

The answer to your question is about sincerity. If you believe you should change your point of view then you simply be honest and tell this to people around you including your husband. They should accept it. If not then there is something wrong with them.

It is about you, your life and your will.


:thumbsup: Golly, you guys are so great! Thank you for your support and prayers, you have given me the courage to take the next step!
My daughter got ill yesterday eve. and with the care she needed I never got a chance to talk with my husband afterall…
I did however make a firm commitment to see my local priest. I was going on Friday eve. but with my daughter being poorly I had to cancel that. The priest was great and is booking me in to see him next week. We should confirm the time and day tonight, God willing.
I almost saw this as a sign to do nothing and wait, I’m pretty nervous about seeking to become Catholic, but with your encouragement I just feel so led this is right. Still I have the hurdle of telling others.
joy and peace


My parents are thinking of changing to Jeahovas witnesses, please I am sorry if my spelling is wrong…correct me anyone as needed thanks! :frowning: And I am a bit disappointed but let me tell you everyone has to do what they need to do…I am happy with my Catholic religion I am trying to be a better person, grow closer to GOD and bring my kids and fiance with me! lol :slight_smile: Hopefully!!

I love my parents and I understand them but I respect their decision if that’s what they need to do…I will just pray that GOD guides them and helps them through these difficult times…

The best thing is to explain to your hubby why the change of heart you know!?! And I mean for my parents it started with a few meetings, they enjoyed their time with the group and well things grew from there…It’s like a relationship you know! And you have to find yourself and your comfort and your belief through it and so far seems you have! :smiley: So congrats in your decision. Keep praying and keep your head up! God will guide you as well… And take it slow with your hubby and family…The slower the better…Maybe even get him to come with you to “friend’s church” events and stuff so that he can see why you love the church so much you know? Anything to give things a try and show him your reasons why you know?!

Take care, GOD bless and good luck!


:smiley: I have my first meeting with my local catholic priest on Thursday 8th at 11am (british time) Pleeeese pray for me
I’m going to my first local parish mass this sunday. yup, I know i can’t take the eucharist, I only hope I can follow the service and meet with God - and God is pleased with what he sees! It’s going to be very different from my Baptist church.


Good for you !!!
Yes the liturgy will be quite different. But I think you will be impressed.
Maybe for your first time, don’t try too hard to follow everything. Just sort of let it “flow over you”. You may actually get more out of it this way. Then, once your a little more comfortable with the proceedings, you can delve more deeply into the prayers and music.

Let us know how it goes.



Just wanted to pop this up and ask how you are doing.
Hope all continues to go well.



Thank you so much for ‘popping in’ and showing support, it’s much appreciated. i did tell my husband about my wish to become catholic and convert and he was amazingly OK about it, he said that although he didn’t understand and would rather I did not convert, but at the end of the day it’s my decision.
Then my mother in law had a heart attack, she is recovering well now.
I went to my local parish catholic church for some services and went to see the parish priest. I explained that I did not have family support and I was worried about upsetting my mother in law esp. after being so ill, but that my husband would be Ok with it. We talked at depth about family and much to my surprise i was told not to convert yet, but just wait, perhaps go to the local anglo catholic church and let everyone get used to the idea and perhaps come back in a years time. NOT WHAT I EXPECTED. I felt very unwelcomed.
I now go to the local anglocatholic church, they believe in all things catholic and have daily mass, sacrements, real presence in the eucharist etc, but they do not believe in the supremicy of the pope or papal infalibility.
I’ve been made very welcome at this church, but with disruptions in my work and not ‘being allowed’ to become catholic - for a while anyway, it’s been a bit tough. Ho hum


I must say I am really quite surprised by the Priests suggestion, especially since the whole process of entering the Church takes quite some time.
I am glad that you have found a community where you are comfortable. Especially since there is much talk about the Anglo-Catholic communities comming into full communion with rome.



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