How do I tell my sister she can't receive Communion?


My sister dropped out of the Catholic church when she was 18. She’s been through so many Christian churches I can’t count. Her first marriage took place at the JOP and ended in divorce after 6 years (the husband was an alchoholic) after a long time she remarried in a Christian church to another man (not Catholic) Now at 51 and suffering from breast cancer she started going to a Catholic church where no one knows her and where she can remain anonymous… She started receiving the Eucharist. I told her she can’t do this- she needs to see a priest first and get her marriage blessed, plus go to confession. I’m not sure if she needs an annullment from her first husband? She doesn’t understand, she says she’s not living in sin, she got married in a Christian church. She may totally stop going to the Catholic church if I push the issue. Her husband won’t go with her, he goes to his evangalical church. I don’t know what to do, I’ve been praying for God to bring her back to Church…but not like this! :confused:


You already told her. Now you need to back off and pray for her. Hopefully as she is drawn more into the Church she will learn what else she needs to do.


You’ve already told your sister so I don’t think telling her repeatedly will be effective. More likely it will drive her away.

Pray for her. Hopefully as her conversion of heart continues she will see what she needs to do to put things in order.


Don’t tell her she can’t - help her by offering to go to talk to a priest with her. She’s scared right now and reaching out to a religion from better times. If you tell her that she can’t go to Communion, she may lose her way back to the church.


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