How do i tell them! ;)


Oh man I got a call from a friend of mine, she took her first pg test and it came out positive!!! Well in her excitement she blurted out to her hubby the news and he starts telling her that he knew it because he had a dream about a baby!! So she asked him what about…He said it was about him holding a baby girl…but before he finished she tried to interrupt him he didn’t let her, so of course, he continued telling her that “it means we are HAVING A BOY!!! YES! AWESOME I ALWAYS WANTED A SON!!” She was bothered and asked him how he figured? He told her that “when a man dreams of a baby girl it means they are having a boy!!” She is all freaking out now, all sad and depressed because she feels he’s too into having a son will not be welcoming a girl!! :frowning: I told her not to be silly but she hung up before I could say anything else!!! lol Women!!! LOL She sent me a txt right now asking to get together later on, what can I say to her and to him to calm them down about his dream!! I understand that it’s an exciting time and GOD bless them and their baby, but does that really mean that???

Every time I had a dream about a baby I was pg, and would find out a few weeks later, and every time my mother would have a dream of a baby one of her kids were pg, lol or their son’s women were pg, lol, and my grandma had dreams of babies she knew about all our kids before we did!! LOL

So I am kind of like telling her that it doesn’t mean anything except he confirmed the pregnancy and that’s it…lol How do I tell them nicely??? Or without hurting either one of their feelings??? I don’t want to say they aren’t having a boy, or a girl, for all I know they will have twins since they run in their family…His mother had a miscarriage of twins…so you never know you know?! Your help and advise is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!! All the drama…lol


Let your friend know that women and men attach to unborn children in different ways. The hubby may be more excited thinking the child is a son, simply becuase its easier and he pictures himself raising a son.

While my female friends and I can picture raising boys or girls, all my male college friends swore up and down they’d only have boys. One even held the belief that the coming baby was a boy despite a very clear ultrasound. When he met his daughter…he melted…and loves “her more than any silly boy”. Your friend has to realize that men need to be allowed to go through their own emotions.


Yeah I guess that’s a good point!! LOL My exhusband didn’t believe the ultrasound of our first baby either, he still demanded a boy, when she was born it was like, ok!!! :frowning: He would make excuses not to hold our daughter, I would make him literally make him take care of her… Some men are different than others I just hope hers doesn’t stay like my ex did to me… :frowning:

I will bring that up with her, I know they want to celebrate and I know there will be a lot of bickering!! LOL I gotta have good strong arguments into stopping their bickering while we’re together…Young people!! hehehe


I don’t know what you can say - but in the end he’ll be thrilled with what ever they have boy or girl. And I can say that with complete certainty because…

My husband’s family is boys, immediate (three boys) and extended (total of 15 boys - 1 girl). When we (finally) got pregnant he was POSITIVE it was a boy, and I was just as sure it was a girl. So we went for the ultrasound and said yes when they asked if we wanted to know the sex, my hubby is standing by my head holding my hand - and when the tech said girl, he dropped my hand, stepped back and said GGGIIIRRRLLL??? I still tease him about that, but he is the best daddy on the planet to his two little princesses.


That’s so sweet! I am sure he will be a great dad it’s his first child so yeah…lol…he’s excited and hoping it’s a boy!!! She’s hoping for girl! Man they remind me of me and my exhusband!! hehehe I don’t know what to really say either…I hope a little remark of her just letting him have his moment should help lower her defenses a little! LOL


I told me wife - You will bear me sons. She ended up infertile and we’ve had many more girls in our foster/adoptive home than boys. I’ve learned much from having daughters (girls really are from some other planet :smiley: )

As 20th century theologian/philosopher Mick Jagger once said “You can’t always get what you want but if try sometimes you just may find you get what you need”


Thanks great advise!!! I will keep that one in mind…Definitely…I won’t use examples yet, because I don’t want them both to have some emotional breakdown but later on if he continues with his ITS A BOY bragging thing I will have to bring up some examples… :frowning: Hopefully I won’t ever have to but you know how some overly excited first time father’s may be!! LOL Well thanks again!!!


Luckily for women your xh is on the bottom wrung of the ladder of men and not the top. :wink:

However, just tell your friends that God will pick and they better stop wishing or it might be triplets!!!


OMG LOL now that would be too funny!!! LOL Oh man if I say that they’ll probably faint!! hehehe!!! Thanks I will let them know…she’s all crying and stuff and he’s all like manly supremacy lol I was just like ok children play nice now!! LOL


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