How do I transfer to another Catholic Church?


Hi I moved and I wanted to join a new catholic church. I know how to join the new one but what sort of letter should I write the old one? I’m confused what I should include in the letter. I don’t want to leave the Catholic church completely just the parish I am in. I am in the same diocese

If you know a website or something that would be helpful

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Ask the parish office at the new church. It’s no problem. We are a single church with many local branches. We are not a loose affiliation of independent churches the way that Protestants are organized.

30+ years ago you were assigned to a particular Catholic parish based on the geographical boundaries drawn by the diocese, and if you wanted to change parishes you had to get a letter of permission from the pastor of the church who was given charge over your neighborhood.

Not so anymore. I don’t think you even need to give a reason. It would be polite, tho, if you sent a nice letter to the previous parish simply saying that you had moved and were now enrolled at the new parish.

The only time this would be a problem at all would be if you were changing from Roman Catholic to an Eastern Rite Catholic Church, or vice versa. The procedure for that change would be something you would need to discuss in depth with the new parish.


Just telephone the secretary at your old parish and let her know that you have moved into a new parish, and that you plan to start attending there. She’ll take care of the details.

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