How do I trust God when he won't help?

How do I trust God when he doesn’t want to help me? It is like he doesn’t care about my temporal needs.

Dear third,

If the Lord didn’t care about our temporal needs, we wouldn’t be here communicating with each other. Our very existence is evidence of his care. Our every heart-beat tells us that He loves us.

When we have difficulty trusting God it is not because He isn’t giving us enough attention, but rather that we haven’t been giving Him enough attention.

I can’t comment on your job situation because I don’t have any objective information about it. But there are reasons for everything. There are some saints that seemed like absolute failures from a purely human perspective. But their situations were the crosses that made them saints. Matt Talbot comes to mind. He was an alcoholic who after many years attained sobriety with God’s help. He is now on his way to canonization.

There is no human situation that is beyond the Lord’s reach.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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