How do I turn my son from Wicca?

I want to ask about Wicca. I have three children. All of them have been baptized. They all have gone to Catholic school. All have made their First Communion. And my last two children have been confirmed. I made a big mistake with my oldest child. When it was time for him to be confirmed we moved to another state. I did not think he was prepared enough to be confirmed and so he was not. He is now 33 years old. He describes himself as being a Wiccan. Yet, he allowed me to have all four of his children to be baptized and he wants them to go to Catholic school. I don’t know much about Wicca. But I’m worried about my son and my four grandchildren. I believe that faith should be taught at home and at school. The children have been baptized but they are not going to Mass. They are not being taught to pray. And my son is living with a woman. He was not married in the Catholic Church. What can I do to help my son come back to the truth?

The article linked below should give you a place to start. And try to keep hope. It is encouraging that your son allowed his children to be baptized and wants them to go to Catholic school. God bless.

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