How do I understand this smell of roses?

This morning I was reading my daily readings from the bible. My daughter (2 yr.‘s old) is not a morning person, and usually doesn’t move from the chair until she is good and awake. While I was reading she looked over at me and said "Jesus’ church", meaning that she knew what I was reading had to do with God. I replied “yes”. She threw the blanket off of her and came running, and sat beside me. I expected her to say “read to me”, but instead she started getting excited and was saying “I smell it, I smell it” as she had her eyes closed sniffing my opened bible repeatedly. I asked her “what are you smelling”, and she was pointing at my bible saying over and over “smells like roses, Mama”. She was so excited to show me. I am not certain what this means, but it gave me chills! The only thing that I have come across so far (I’m new to the Catholic faith) is Padre Pio’s bleeding stigmata sometimes smelled of roses. What is the meaning behind this?

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