How do I use the BrevMeum app


Can anyone advice me which topic to select in the BrevMeum app. for the morning, or afternoon, or evening?




Sorry, I’m not really familiar with this app.


Laudes for morning, vesperae for evening, completorium for compline, Matutinum is Matins (said very early in morning or immediately before Lauds).


The mid morning and afternoon offices are Prima, Tertia, Sexta, Nona.


They are not topics but official liturgies of the Church. That app contains the Extraordinary Form of the Divine Office prayed according to the 1962 Brevarium Romanum (Roman Breviary).

Because the liturgy was in Latin then the Extraordinary Form is always in Latin and the eight offices have Latin names. Matutinum is Matins and a big challenge if you are not familiar with the 1962 Divine Office. It was traditionally prayed very early in the morning. I am not sure whether it can be anticipated on the previous evening. The other offices are:

  • Laudes - Lauds (Morning Prayer): prayed in the morning traditionally at 6 am or dawn
  • Prima - Prime (Early Day Prayer): prayed in the morning usually after the Low Mass
  • Tertia - Terce (Mid-morning Prayer): prayed in the middle of the morning, traditionally at 9 am
  • Sexta - Sext (Midday Prayer): prayed around midday, traditionally at 12 pm
  • Nona - None (Mid-afternoon Prayer): prayed any time in the middle of the afternoon, traditionally at 3 pm
  • Vesperae - Vespers (Evening Prayer): prayer in the late afternoon or the evening, traditionally at sunset
  • Completorium - Compline (Night Prayer): prayed before going to bed even if that is after midnight

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