How do I validate my civil marriage in the Church?

I have an annument from my previous marriage.
I got married again a civil ceremony.
We are faithful and practical catholics.
We have been married for 51 years and had five children.
I was told we need to have our marriage blessed?
If so, how do we go about getting married in church?
I live in New Jersey. Are there any special licenses necessary?
Thank you.

You are not getting legally married so there is no license requirement for the state. You need to make an appointment with your parish priest to have what’s called a “validation” of your marriage. Essentially you will say the wedding vows in front of a priest or deacon and two witnesses. You’ll need to provide your parish priest with both your and your husband’s sacramental information (baptism, 1st communion, & confirmation), a copy of the wedding license from your current civil marriage, and proof of the annulment from your first attempted marriage.

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