How do I

I,am having problem with one sin,that once and awhile happens,I try hard to avoid this sin,whiich I can,t control at times. It has to do with Immoral thoughts,which leads too other thingsso Ive been saying the Rosary,which is the most powerful weaption agains Satin,I,ve also ask Mary,that when I do have these thoughts in my mine,to help me,buy saying a Hail Mary,when these thoughts come into my mine.
I beleive that ,because were are her childern,she will help me over come it.
What do you think?.
God Bless

Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance, direction, strength & fortitude to overcome your temptations.

No doubt everyone us has evil thoughts from time to time. Sometimes they are sexual in nature and sometimes just wishing that someone would die.

What has really helped me in dealing with unwanted thoughts, is learning that Satan can not read our minds unless we give him permission. When a thought or idea comes into my mind that is wrong or bad, I immediately ask God to put a shield between me and Satan. I ask God to not allow Satan to be aware of my weaknesses. I ask God to protect me from Satan’s tricks. I ask God, quite frankly, “Please keep this between you and me. You know my weaknesses, my fears and my sins. Do not let the evil one know. Don’t let my weaknesses be exposed to him.”

Then I trust God that he will protect me.

The Blessed Virgin will be a wonderful help. Do not forget the Sign of the Cross, holy water, and saying “Jesus, Mary”. I have found these to be of great help as well. May the Blessed Virgin grant you fortitude against your temptations.

You are on the right track. As soon as you realize you are having a bad thought, replace it with holy thoughts like of Bible stories or even in real life think of good things like helping the needy. Try to avoid movies, music, and anything else that causes you to have those thoughts. It will take some time, but you can be healed. I was like that with impure thoughts. It took me about 6 months to get in control of them. They still pop in my head here and there, but I pray as you do and replace them with holy thoughts. This is a good thing to do in general. Try to always be thinking as Jesus does, which is loving one another.

Over the years I’ve tried many, many strategies to dispel and try to prevent evil thoughts and temptations. Two of the most effective were a steno binder in which I noted with just a single letter each nasty thought or sin. Just carrying it with me helped a lot as a deterrent (I very quickly began to recognize my bad thought and my mind shifted to stopping it and marking it down in the binder. Also I read at least a short passage–often selected at random–in a book such as Imitation of Christ, My Way of Life, or a book about prayer.
We’re human, so perhaps we can never fully escape the devil’s attacks, but we need to acquire the habitual response of despising them. Jesus said lust was a serious sin in its first moments, but I think most mind-wanderings are not sins unless we act on them, or allow them to perpetuate.
Let’s keep each other in prayer.

I think that you are doing the right thing. And be sure to avoid near occasions of sin, to practice custody of the senses, to pray a lot and to do plenty of good spiritual reading. God bless you.

I echo what one of the posters says, the devil can’t read your thoughts!
BUT he can see you looking at that picture or turning to that channel on
TV! What I found useful when WALLOWING in impure things is to lift
up your head and say OUT LOUD “Help me, Jesus Christ, Son of the
Living God!” three times, and MEAN IT! It will drive satan and all evil
spirits away! THEN you can be free to drop what you are doing/planning
to do that’s sinful and pray!

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