How do Jewish ppl know what/when to add to the Talmud and Gamesh?

Is there some sorta level of creditional and/or fame that Rabbinic scholar’s have had to achieve to contribute to those writings?.Are ppl to this day still in the process of being added?.

Only the classical interpretations are included in the Talmud (say, Rashi and the Tosephos) and included in the Talmud. New interpretations are no longer being added in the sense of amending the printed texts, although I suppose that could happen one day.

I’m not familiar with anything called “Gamesh”.

As a general rule, nothing was added to the Talmud after about the 7th century. Every rabbinic Jewish community at that time accepted the binding authority of the Talmud up to that time in all legal matters, in universal acknowledgment of the fact that the fine points of methodologies of determining fundamental legal principles were no longer clear as they had been in previous generations. However, extensive written analysis and discussion of the Talmud’s contents picked up from the 9-10th centuries onward. Commentaries were “canonized” so to speak when the authors’ communities recognized their preeminent stature in mastery of the body of Jewish law. To illustrate, no council got together and decided to print the commentaries of Rashi and Tosafos on the side of the page of Talmud. Rather, their indispensability to guiding a deep analysis of the text has ensured their global acceptance.

Later works may be printed in the same volume as the Talmud, at the end, but it’s not generally accepted to print them on the same page as the Talmudic text itself. Glosses listing textual variants from manuscripts, etc, may be printed on the same page.

If you’re “really really” interested, I skimmed through this site and it seems to have a lot of accurate info on the topic:

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