How do Jews get the date for the Passover and other feasts?


How do Jews get the dates for the Passover and other feasts?


This is eyes-glazing-over stuff, I promise you, but the instructions can be found here. For those of us who are prepared to take things on trust, there are, of course, things like diaries and numbers of online lists like the one on Chabad.


WOW. Very informative. I see now why Passover and Easter sometimes coinside and sometimes not. Thank you.:thumbsup:


Basically - the Jewish liturgical calendar is a lunar calendar, not a solar one. In simpler terms, this means that the months are measured based on the cycle of the moon, with one month being equivalent to one full moon cycle. So, the date of Passover is actually fixed, as it occurs every year at the same stage of the moon. In relation to the solar Gregorian calendar, however, it falls on different days simply because the two don’t coincide perfectly.


Isn’t the Jewish Passover always 14 Nisan, no matter what?


Well…see, first they visit the shadchan…

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