How do people who live in the vatican get around


Do they use cars or horses and carriages


It depends on where they’re going. They walk, drive, take trains, fly, or whatever is appropriate.


I mean how do they travel around the city


Please it’s important


It’s a ridiculous question. They have legs.


I’m asking what the primary means of transportation in vatican city is, please it’s very important


Is the primary means of transportation in vatican city cars or horses and carriages


Vatican City is tiny. The primary mode of transportation is most likely their legs.


Is everything in vatican city within walking distance?


Yes. Trust me, I’ve been.


Google map it


You’ve been to vatican?


Yes, I have.


Did you see cars there or horses and carriages?


I didn’t see anything except masses of tourists.


What’s your idea with horses and carriages? This is the 21st century! Mostly they walk. When needed they drive.


I have seen pictures of horse drawn carriages at the Vatican


I also saw an article about the Vatican that mentioned a car and coach parking lot


A coach in Europe generally refers to what Americans call a bus.


Are there busses in vatican city

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