How do priests read their Bible?

Anyone here who is a priests? How do you read the Bible? Do you do it in lectio divina style or more of a theologian style?

What is a “theologian style”?

I believe that priests read the Bible as other people read it.

Lectio Divina is a prayer form and I am sure some priest, just as some lay people, use this prayer style but even those who do use this prayer style also most likely read the Bible outside of it.

I work with a lot of priests and have studied at the seminary with a number of them. I think priests, just like anyone, should read, study and pray the scriptures and not just pick one style. When writing homilies or preparing teachings, the scriptures are read from a theological and academic point of view, what we call hermeneutics, so that he can help others to understand what the scriptures mean, their historical context, church interpretations, etc. When he prays, he may use Lectio, he may simply meditate on a passage, he prays the psalms every day. This is in a more spiritual context. Other times he may use the scriptures as spiritual reading, going though an entire chapter or book.

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