How do stars affect our reality?

What did Saint Thomas Aquinas say about stars and how they effect our reality ?
I’ve searched Thomas Aquinas on Aristoles
Concerning the heavens
And have found no answer
G-d bless

Short answer: they don’t

Long answer:
What you are suggesting sounds like astrology. Which is a bunch of hooey.


The same way the change of seasons does, but very, very, very much less.

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What Elias said.

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Stars are burning balls of gas millions of light years away. They have no bearing on our lives.


Accordingly if anyone take observation of the stars in order to foreknow casual or fortuitous future events, or to know with certitude future human actions, his conduct is based on a false and vain opinion; and so the operation of the demon introduces itself therein, wherefore it will be a superstitious and unlawful divination.


Well, I doubt our solar system would be stable without the surrounding Milky Way. I doubt the Milky Way would be stable without other surrounding galaxies…
I suspect the stars have quite a large affect on us, but I am no astrophysicist.


There is one particular star that can affect our reality. When it expands, it can cause some trouble for us here on earth.


I agree astrology is a bunch of hooey
But even the smallest factors affect our reality

Even if it’s just a street light barely hitting your eye for less then a second

Saint Thomas Aquinas says that angels move the stars / the cosmos

Is that all there is to it ?
Why would angels simply move things without any added benefit ?

Here’s what I know, when the sun is shining it is day, when it goes down, it’s night. That’s what that star determines, whether or not it’s day or night


Did you have a specific reason for why you asked? That could maybe help us answer it more specifically.

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Yeah haha
I know Rubert sheldrake thinks stars are conscious
I don’t know if I would go that far

But I definitely think they inspire ideas/ insights

I find myself going through my day to day activities (at night time) and a wonderful insight comes to mind
And I immediately look towards a star as if that star is the source of inspiration

To sum up what i know Saint Thomas Aquinas has said about stars
Angels help govern the cosmos / they move the stars
(And That Demons do not govern stars)

Here is Thomas Aquinas on Aristotle’s on the heavens (which was insanely hard to find online / books for sale)
I searched on the function of the stars and I have not found an answer

Looks like links can’t be posted
If it’s possible to private message I will send it to anybody who’s interested

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You are a Capricorn. How did i know that if it’s just hooey. loool

No. Stellar evolution takes billions of years or longer. It’s modern pseudo-scientific misconception to imagine sun growing during the course of our times.

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I don’t know about stars, but the moon gives me violent mood swings. My body starts to transform into a wolf-like creature, and i start howling.

I tried to show my doctor evidence of this by showing him my skin rashes left behind by all the hair.

…He suggested cream.



That’s what you took away from my post?

Just correcting, chill :wink: Sun just is not able to be threat to Earth (in case of expanding) for the veeeery, I mean veeery long time.

I guess if we call the asteroids or comets a “falling stars” – those stars can truly effect our reality.

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Star formation over billions of years caused the creation of the heavier elements our planet and bodies are made of.

And you can make the case that we evolved on a planet next to a star that makes us have seasons and circadian rhythms and stuff which affects the reality we live in .

So yeah, the stars effected our reality.
But not in the astrological way.



I’ve heard dr Peter Kreeft talk about how the moon affects the tides which line up with women’s menstrual period. (Keep in mind were mostly made of water)

I just don’t see why

If the stars are not angels

But rather the angels move the stars / govern the cosmos

Why would nothing else be effected ? Why even have them move the stars ?

Somebody in the thread said that
Each individual galaxy / star keeps the cosmos in order
Which makes sense

But there has to be more to it

I wouldn’t look to Hollywood for any take on reality.

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